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Fully-electric double-decker buses hit Wellington's streets for the first time

There were a few double takes on the streets of Wellington as a newly-unveiled double-decker commuter bus made its first official trip around the city.

There were also some double takes among the audience when the bus was officially launched at Parliament

Other than clipping a few overhanging tree branches, the fully-electric bus made an otherwise uneventful journey around the capital, including a quick trip up the Ngauranga Gorge to prove it had the legs to tackle the city's steepest hills.


The bus, officially launched by Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters, is one of 10 Tranzit double-decker buses that will be rolled out from July 15 as part of Wellington's bus network overhaul.

* Electric double-deckers for Wellington
* Bus fleet arrives from UK
* Concern over double-decker damage
* Big buses could be too heavy

They will operate on the main north-south route from Island Bay to Churton Park, Johnsonville and Grenada via the central city.





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