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Where is the Labour Law in New Zealand ?


NZ Bus Lost business in wake pacific  and Go west, they Fired about 300 drivers but did not make them redundant,I was one of them, so what's New Zealand Law say and protect their Labour force. Labour Day we have Holiday in New Zealand, New Zealand Signed in United nation for protection of  Labour Day achievement. Labour Rights, where are they Now ? ministry of employment refusing to investigation regarding this matter.even they refused to give me contact details of Labour inspector.How these 300 Driver can get justice, is a election year will some one help these drivers and win the heart of working people of New Zealand, who will give them safety of work and safety of future, NZ Bus was getting about 100 Million (Tax Payers money) from AT, Plus from work and income Flexi Wages.through Flexi wages they get from work and income a year wages, NZ Bus Own Wellington Air Port.


you need to look on size of the company, is time to some one make things right here and win the heart of public. that the Game Changing point and will help public too.


these driver Need help and voice, Union don't help them. why not make investigation and implement the collective agreement ( I attach the copy) give them their Rights and make Value of Tax Payers money, that was Drivers and hard working  Aucklanders Tax money AT was given to NZ Bus. all you help and advice welcome, but Please is action time.So Break the News and bring the justice to these drivers, working for families they also have families.


I want to tell AT, NZ Bus was charging  twice for the same job. NZ Bus get money from AT then they go to work and income and get Flexi Wages. So  that was costing Tax payers twice.

will some one serve the justice to these 300 plus drivers ?

 Many Thanks for your time







Infratil puts NZ Bus under microscope


Infratil, fresh from losing the bulk of its Wellington bus contracts, is running the rule over its NZ Bus business and it could be sold or merged.

7 February 2018

Infratil, the publicly listed infrastructure investor, has begun a strategic review of its ownership of NZ Bus after concluding negotiations for contracts for Wellington and Auckland commuter services valued at $1.3 billion.

It will engage with market participants over the coming months and proposals may include outright sale, merger or other options, chief executive Marko Bogoievski says.

The aim was to maximising value and employee and other stakeholder outcomes and was expected to be completed within six months, he said.

Infratil agreed five long-term contracts in Wellington last month and secured 20 long-term contracts in western, central and northern regions of Auckland last October.

The Auckland contracts are for an average nine years and have a total value of $1b while the Wellington contracts average 10.8 years and have a value of about $323 million.

Last year, Infratil said NZ Bus's loss of certain public transport contracts meant it would shrink to about two-thirds its original scale, with 75 per cent of the business in Auckland and 25 per cent in Wellington.

In May 2017, NZ Bus lost most of its bus contract with the Greater Wellington Regional Council to Masterton-based Tranzit Group, which the council said could offer the service cheaper, reducing its share of services to 28 per cent from 73 per cent.

Infratil has retained UBS New Zealand as an adviser for the review.

Infratil shares fell 2.3 per cent to $3.03.



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