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Where is the Labour Law in New Zealand

           Nation Party New Zealand Closed Labour Department . Labour Department Cover Labour's Rights. That come under Human Rights. Does not matter what sort of GOVT New Zealand  have, Labour Department Must work in same way because that belong to People Rights. Only  "Dictator Govt" take People Rights away. Closed Labour department mean Slash People Rights.



is working and Employ by NZ Bus, He is refusing to stand against NZ Bus. In my Case as a Union Leader  Gary Froggatt was in investigation meeting and he was my witness, Now case in Court and we refusing to give witness statement against NZ Bus, he send me statement via email and that Statement is in favor of NZ Bus. So I will loose the case in Court.

after NZ Bus fired me(illegally) I try to contact  Tramways Union New Zealand so they can help me legally, Tramways Union, did not reply any my call or emails, I have to take the action Against NZ Bus by my self. when time came Gary Froggatt to be witness in court he refused to do so, I have to take legal Action against Union (Tramways New Zealand) at the first Stage we have mediation meeting at   Gary Froggatt accept every thing there that my dismissal was unjustified and signed and was agree to be witness in Employment Court, Now he is refusing to do so. because he is employ by NZ Bus, work for both Parties are illegal and Conflict and he is doing from years. who will stop him ?

(Please if any one have GARY FROGGATT CURRENT PHOTO SEND ME by email, I will upload here so People can see him) 

Tramways Union Auckland Contact details:

 Address: 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021

Phone: 09-376 5743


Gary Mobile:  027-2817045







Please note I sent this email to NZ PM Bill English and is confirm he  received also sent to   Paula Bennett  confirm she received.

by email and through facebook.  

 Hi, Bill English: Leader of National Party,

this email I sent to all national Party members, but nothing happen, as a leader of national party I did not hear any thing from you for Labour of New Zealand, why is that, National closed Labour department, I don't know ? close by Parliament

or just a web developer make mistake, Before election you need to talk about Labour rights and Labour department, that will change the game and I guarantee you, national will win election wide majority,

you need to announce Labour policy they are the majority in New Zealand. why nobody talk for them, so you can bring cheap Labour from overseas. will you protect Labour Rights, so Please announce Labour policy

and open labour department. Otherwise people will find the way to get their rights. read the email I sent before.


 NZ Bus Lost business in wake pacific and Go west, they Fired about 300 drivers but did not make them redundant,I was one of them, so what's New Zealand Law say and protect their Labout force. Labour Day we have Holiday in New Zealand, New Zealand Signed in United nation for protection of Labour Day achievement. Labour Rights, where are they Now ? ministry of employment refusing to investigation regarding this matter.even they refused to give me contact details of Labour inspector.How these 300 Driver can get justice, is a election year will some one help these drivers and win the heart of working people of New Zealand, who will give them safety of work and safety of future, NZ Bus was getting about 100 Million (Tax Payers money) from AT, Plus from work and income Flexi Wages.through Flexi wages they get from work and income a year wages, NZ Bus Own Wellington Air Port.

you need to look on size of the company, is time to some one make things right here and win the heart of public. that the Game Changing point and will help public too.

these driver Need help and voice, Union don't help them. why not make investigation and implement the collective agreement ( I attach the copy) give them their Rights and make Value of Tax Payers money, that was Drivers and hard working Aucklanders Tax money AT was given to NZ Bus. all you help and advice welcome, but Please is action time.So Break the News and bring the justic to these drivers, working for families they also have families.


Many Thanks for your time


Best Regards






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    Other companies pay drivers less - union

    A union representing bus drivers said about 200 NZ Bus drivers were facing job cuts, redistribution or even less pay.

    Tramways and Public Transport Union national president Gary Froggatt said the decision was going to cause a major problem for its members, but there was some time to place drivers in other depots.

    He said NZ Bus had obviously tendered too high a price, and would now pay for it by not getting the work. Mr Froggatt said drivers who switched companies might face a pay cut.

    "Some of them may be offered jobs with a new company ... we know what the wage rates are in those companies - the wage is a lot less than what is currently paid with NZ Bus."

    NZ Bus would pass the buck for its own mistakes, he said.

    "I guess NZ Bus will attempt to blame the workers even though we've helped them become more competitive during the past two years by modifying our wage claims, but you know the average bus driver takes home about $800 a week, by the time you take out $500 for rent there's not much left."

    Mr Froggatt said if drivers were redistributed to work under another company taking over the tender, they were looking at getting $1 an hour less.

    He said the union had not yet been given the details about exactly what had happened, but once it had talked through the issue with NZ Bus in the next few weeks, it might be able to mitigate the loss in some way.

    "We are in the middle of negotiations for a new employment agreement, which affects the other 1000 employees that we cover, and obviously the discussions will continue on during the wage negotiations."

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    Auckland Transport yesterday told NZ Bus its tender had not been selected for bus services in the area from late this year.

    The company has been given a nine-month transition period before new South Auckland contracts are signed.

    NZ Bus chief executive Zane Fulljames said they had put in a strong, high quality bid to Auckland Transport and it was disappointing that they were not selected.

    However he said it would not be wise to suggest that there would be job losses.

    "In our South Auckland business, we have 245 staff out of a total 2000.

    "We are a very large organisation and we do have the opportunity to redistribute, which certainly we'll be working through with our teams in South Auckland."

    Mr Fulljames said Auckland was going through an extremely large recontracting process which meant other businesses would also have to renegotiate.

    "So there are opportunities to win, and opportunities to lose."

    He said the company was talking to the staff who would be affected at the moment but it was very early days.

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    NZ Bus to lose South Auckland contract

    More than 240 jobs are in limbo after the country's biggest urban bus operator, NZ Bus, lost its contract to operate in South Auckland.

    Bus drivers arriving at their stop work meeting at midday today.

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    First Labour Day celebrations

    28 October 1890


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    The first Labour Day celebrated the struggle for an eight-hour working day. Parades in the main centres were attended by several thousand trade union members and supporters.

    New Zealand workers were among the first in the world to claim the right to an eight-hour day. As early as 1840 the carpenter Samuel Parnell famously won an eight-hour day in Wellington. The provision was soon extended to other centres, but it was a custom, not a legal entitlement, and only applied to some groups of workers. The establishment of Labour Day reflected the growing influence of New Zealand's trade union movement in the 1880s and its efforts to improve employment conditions for all workers.

    Labour Day was first celebrated in New Zealand on 28 October 1890, marking 50 years since Parnell's achievement and the first anniversary of the formation of the Maritime Council, an umbrella organisation of transport and mining unions, in 1889. The event was held during the dying days of the ill-fated trans-Tasman Maritime Strike, and several thousand trade union members and supporters attended parades in the main centres; a highlight of the Wellington event was an appearance by the elderly Parnell himself. Government employees were given the day off to attend the parades.

    In 1899 Parliament legislated to make Labour Day a public holiday. Predating both Anzac Day and Waitangi Day, it was the first public holiday in New Zealand not associated with religion, royal birthdays or anniversaries of provincial settlement. Since 1910 Labour Day has been held on the fourth Monday in October.

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