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The wheels fell off at a launch for new electric buses after the environment minister publicly calle
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There were a few double takes on the streets of Wellington as a newly-unveiled double-decker commute
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  At least 240 jobs are at risk after New Zealand's biggest bus company, NZ Bus, lost its contract
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Infrastructure investor Infratil has sold three bus depots in Auckland for $23.1 million. The sale p
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ON THE GO: Infratil is planning to sell or redevelop bus depots owned by subsidiary New Zealand Bus,
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The NZ Bus depot on Hutt Road is for sale. Infratil is offering the Kaiwharawhara bus depot to inv
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7 Feb 2018 9:29am   Infratil today announced a strategic review of its investment in NZ Bus, which i
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A 2ha property in Onehunga's industrial precinct is for sale with a long-term lease to Auckland Tran
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