Eid ul Adha Should be Public holiday in Christian Countries
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Recent Tramways union has no legal executive or boss - ERA 14:43, Jan 31 2009     The Tramways Union has no functioning executive and national secretary Gary Froggatt has no legal basis on which to run the…
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Auckland, New Zealand
02.12.2017 From Aslam
GARY FROGGATT, Union Leader of TRAMWAYS UNION NEW ZEALAND is working and Employ by NZ Bus, He is refusing to stand against NZ Bus. In my Case as a Union Leader  Gary Froggatt was in investigation meeting and he was my witness, Now case in Court and he refusing to give witness statement against NZ B…
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Auckland, New Zealand
15.10.2017 From Aslam
The first Labour Day celebrated the struggle for an eight-hour working day. Parades in the main centres were attended by several thousand trade union members and supporters. New Zealand workers were among the first in the world to claim the right to an eight-hour day. As early as 1840 the carpenter…
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Auckland, New Zealand
05.10.2017 From Aslam
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