Yes vote will be heartbreaking' Emotional PM pledges MORE powers to Scots if they vote NO

MILLIONS of people will be “utterly heartbroken” if Britain is split up, David Cameron warned last night.

A few days away from Thursday’s referendum on Scottish independence, the Prime Minister made his most impassioned appeal yet against tearing apart the “family of nations”.

In a voice husky with emotion, he said: “The future of our country is at stake. This is a once-and-for-all ­decision. If Scotland votes yes...we will go our separate ways forever.”

It comes as the leaders of the three main parties at Westminster signed a pledge promising more powers for Scotland if it rejects independence.

David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg offered "extensive new powers" for the Scottish Parliament "delivered by the process and to the timetable agreed" by the three parties starting on September 19.

In an open letter to the people of Scotland, the party leaders wrote that "the UK exists to ensure opportunity and security for all by sharing our resources equitably across all four nations”.

The joint letter also states: "And because of the continuation of the Barnett allocation for resources and the powers of the Scottish Parliament to raise revenue, we can state categorically that the final say on how much is spent on the NHS will be a matter for the Scottish Parliament."

A spokesman for Yes Scotland said: "It's clear that project panic is willing to say anything in the last few days of the campaign to try to halt the Yes momentum - anything except what new powers, if any, they might be willing to offer.”

Cameron's speech was dismissed as “last-minute scaremongering” by Scottish Nationalist leader Alex Salmond.

Mr Cameron flew to Aberdeen yesterday to make his final campaign speech after a weekend of tight opinion polls.

Splitting the UK apart would end the shared currency, slice up pension funds and shatter financial stability, he said.

“On Friday, people could be living in a different country.

"This is a decision that could break up our family of nations.

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