All around Auckland Bus fare should be a Dollar and Student free


New Zealand financial system based on capitalism and in capitalism GOVT don’t invest in public sectors and don’t run commercial organisations. All GOVT departments and sectors work for People welfare because GOVT main income resources are  taxes, if GOVT need more money GOVT can  increase tax. But if you look Auckland city Council (semi GOVT) Most of their departments run on commercial base no much benefit  direct to public.  Today we talk about  AT (Auckland Transport) .

First of all AT only cover about 30% of the city they must need more routes so Transport can   cover the whole Auckland. Transport  is basic need for any city, better transport system will improve city life and more business , when people go out they spend  money and that help businesses. But if  transport too expensive and public  cannot afford to use then they stay home and  transport system  become mean less , not helping people at all. Auckland transport  system one of them.

Last year  Auckland city council  subsidy to “Auckland Transport” 172 millions Dollars, that People money , hardworking  Aucklanders, this money was enough to build up the bank balance of many larger Corporates. Because they provide the transport service to the public, They happy they got big business from Auckland city. But What about people what they get they cannot afford to use  this  Transport  system.even if they are  using they not enjoying  because of the price. Hello Auckland city, if you Subsidy transport then why not make so cheap so every body can enjoy , only difference   will be Now your buses are empty, peak time of peak time, then will be full all the time.


All around Auckland Bus fare should be a Dollar:

  If you make a Dollar fare anywhere in Auckland and you should run the services from

One end of Auckland to other end Auckland cross over and multiple , you will get much more money what you getting now, 10 people up  10 people down ends of the trip you will have 200 to 300  people  and  there will be no off peak time. Last year  you spend 172 millions that amount will be decrease and People will happy because they get direct benefit of their money,

Corporates will also happy they get more business. So what’s a problem  ? even in worse you pay little bit more, so what?  benefit going to the public that why you are  there.

In  result of this Auckland business will be improve, more jobs and your Parks and entrainments Places will be full, on the top of that People will use more publice transport and  they will leave the cars at home and that will also solve your traffic problem.

Christmas holidays  , 8 French tourist came in my  bus and said town and how much ?

I said $40, they said is this  return fare and I said no, one side. They were taking in French to each other.

Then they say to me, we will take next bus and go down if I am on their place I do the  same.

They came New Zealand to see around can they afford??? Cheaper for them to use car but then many People they don’t want to drive when they go other country or they have some other reason and they came New Zealand  on believe  that New Zealand is a welfare country and public transport should be affordable for people, Now what the message they take it home ,what  will they tell to friends, New Zealand  is a hot Tourist destination because transport is too expensive, they came here to see Auckland but what  happen they stay home and go back. Auckland City Council that your failure. End of the day you not making money spending  172 millions dollars to keep the warm corporates bank balance. Why not pass this benefit direct to public so they can enjoy the ride and  New Zealand will become a Hot Tourist destination and every body happy.


Students free:

Students are future of New Zealand, they are the one will lead New Zealand tomorrow. It’s   GOVT duty to give them free  and better education  (that a centre GOVT duty Not Auckland city) Auckland city you should pay your part and give them free ride so they have some financial  relief and focus more on study. GOVT spend Millions and Millions Dollars on subsidy that completely waste and some time killing the people too, so why not you pass this subsidy direct to the public so they get benefit that their tax money anyway .

Auckland city council you have wonderful New Year 2016

And together we will make  “GREATER AUCKLAND”.

Many Thanks for Reading:

Every one have  a Great and wonderful , Happy New Year 2016


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