Eid ul Adha

The day God Asked  Prophet Abraham's “if you love me sacrifices the Most you love in your life

 Prophet Abraham  look his son ” Ismael” he have no courage to ask him, Ismael  son of Holy Prophet

move forward and  laydown, Knife was on Ismael  Nick and Prophet Abraham  was  ready to scarifies

his son. Ismael  was relaxed   and waiting for knife to complete God will, Ismael was knew that his father love him more than anything in this world and that a God wish must obey  because that will open the heaven door for him and blessing of God for his father. Then Miracle happen and God change his son to the a Lamb,  Prophet Abraham eyes  was closed , knife was moving,  scarifying his son, when all done  he open his eyes and under the knife was lamb not his son. His son was standing and smiling: Prophet Abraham was shocked may God not happy or something wrong that why God don’t want my son, Same time God send Angel and angel deliver God message: Angel told Abraham God know your love, God  just  want to test you. That the Day Muslim call Eid Ul Adha,  All Muslim Countries have public Holiday and for every Muslim if he can afford must scarifies  Lamb( animal)

Human is a social Animal

Islam always teaches and arrange the festivals so families and friends get together, Islam's one of the moral rule  is  live in families respect elder, women and  kids because they weaker,

I believe Social welfare system Destroy the western Society.  Social welfare give you

little help and keep you away from family and  religious believe. People when they need some things  they always go to worship places  and ask help  from God or Allah what ever they believe. Now they run to “Social welfare”. Social welfare give them little money and they leave  home call “independent life” State takeaway power from family and  state involve in  family matters. That Destroy the Value of family and Religious believe. New Generation have no tie with family, where are Families Trees?  Is the surname have any Value?  We are going back to dark ages. When religious was created?  Sky was angry  with full of  thunders  and strong Person get scare from sky and run away. Weaker  Person start to worship the sky  because he safe his life from power full person that was the creation of religious . Difference parts  of the world People start worship difference way.  Then God act and send special People so they can  improve people life and the way they live, that was the creation of larger religious, like Christian or Islam or some others.

Religious Train you in moral way, everything Religious tell you improve the ability to obey

the other people Rights and your moral duties, Religious have no power to force you



To obey the rules so they train you morally and you come better Person. When you take


Away religious you takeaway moral duties and  respect of others. State law Start loosing


Grip and more crimes, People start live in jungle life.




God or no God


 Heaps people believe there is no God, I want to ask them who create the universal?


Just a example : to make a car, how long , how many people and Technology and investment


Require and still have limit to use and need  maintain . Creation of this universal , accurate


timing, 365 days a year. 24 hours day and night, uncountable stars  All work perfectly  and no maintain  require. Sun give you heat and  light to live , never have black out. Water from sea with heat of sun  turn to clouds and bring the rain so you get pure water . there is  some one who create and set the system . Still watching us. That the person I call Allah some Call God, every believe have difference name. End of the day he is the only one.


When God was start sending his holy prophets they all came in difference fields and done their job four of them are Major one,  Islam complete  class by class and Mohammad was the last holy Prophet and he complete the Christiane mission  that call Islam.


Islam is upgrade vision of Christianity and Quran is a Latest  edition of Bible.


So please Upgrade your self  and every Christian Must sacrifices Lamb or animal


on Eid ul Adha  day.  " Remembrance  of  Prophet Abraham's  Scarifies  day "


This will bring heaps blessing of Allah or God  and you will be  come closer to your family


And religious.




All  Christians  and  Muslims:  Eid Mubarak




Many thanks for Reading:





Allah bless you all




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