Major Failures of Auckland city Council,  Quantity but not quality


Auckland city council have a Plan  to build new  Tunnels around Auckland   to control the traffic because  heavy  traffic  in Auckland  CITY, they have calculation  that after 20 years  in  central city, People can drive the car only 8k per hour, mean very slow traffic.  very large Project asking central GOVT for money and will be increase the Local taxes. Auckland city council must have experts  who calculate very carefully with the help of all information available and what I see no one have objection. “YES  MINISTER  Policy”

2013 Census Auckland Papulation  

1,415,550 people usually live in Auckland. This is an increase of 110,592 people, or 8.5 percent, since the 2006 Census.  Auckland has 33.4 percent of New Zealand's population

1.4 million papulation if you compare other cites in the world that papulation can fit in their one suburb and they don’t  have problem of traffic,  Auckland public transport system  is not great,  very expensive may only cover 30% of the city. If you want to go difference derations you need to come city and then use difference deration transport  that the one  failure of Auckland city council , long list of  their failures.  That the proof in New Zealand politicians work with   “YES  MINISTER  Policy” because no one have objection.

Auckland council Have more elected members than to New Zealand national assembly, It mean Auckland city council have Quantity but not Quality. What was the reason to increase the Quantity? they never came in public and serve them only you see them when they need vote.

 Before I come to  traffic , I want to mention some larger  failures of Auckland city council, may people now forget. One of them was build a Dam in Auckland, about 20 years ago, Auckland have shortage of water,

GOVT was requesting to people through TV and Radios , save the water we have shortage of water, don’t wash cars,  less use water in toilets. Well  time pass and Auckland city council have  good  chance to increase the water rates: I remember  we was paying $125  a year and city council  increase to $220 a year. Lot’s protests every where but Auckland city say , we need to build  a dam after 20 years(always use 20 years) Auckland will have shortage of water.Plan , area was publisher in newspapers. Now rates  are about $1500 a year, “WHERE IS THE DAM”? no more talk and we don’t have shortage of water.

 When Last Rugby Cup was held in New Zealand, Auckland city council spend 300 millions on road, if you look around Auckland road work always on, “MAKE IT  BREAK IT” may Auckland city council only have Experty in road work.  Three hundreds  millions spend on roads, I spend  lot of  time on these road I cannot see any improvement than before , only thing I see are  Patches every where, I never read in new Zealand or  in oversea, Media breaking news about new Zealand  roads, what was the reason to spend this money “EASY COME  EASY GO” did anybody asked them Question , that money go in drain. With this money why not they Build the  Disney Land with cutting edge Technology or many other  new ideas that break the news in the world.

Last 30 years how much Auckland city spend the money on “make it and break it”  with this money If they  build new interesting places we can lead in tourist industry and   bring more tourists and business in Auckland  “happy Auckland” YES MINISTER WORK AGAIN ”.

I remember when I was in school, teachers always tell us Communist Countries “Brain Wash” their people I never been in communist country so what I say here? Is the people have power to make their own decision or they just follow?

 If you see in the  world, they build Tunnels , super highway, express ways ,  So the traffic continues move. Even police have slogan “slow down” won’t interrupt traffic as long traffic continues move. So what they do in these special Highway less the exit, 3 or 4  tracks ( one way rule) some middle east countries they don’t even have speed limit to drive  you can drive as fast you want, 80% accidents happen  cars rollover because of speed, you don’t see many American cars in New Zealand these  countries home of American cars, that where you can see the  difference between Japanese cars and American cars . Less exit mean fast continues traffic moving, you can complete your journey less than half time, these are the road where People  make the record,  fastest  car of the world. But Auckland city council want make Tunnels  for Auckland only,  because too much traffic on roads.  Will that  Tunnels will work?  “No 100%  No” because  these tunnels  have exit  on every suburb and  after exit must be traffic lights, so traffic will  stop for green light, how long will take to fill  these Tunnels and  then traffic block again: we are on same place where we start and money go in drain. NO QUESTION ASK. “YES MINISTER WILL WORK AGAIN”

Size of Auckland papulation next 50  years,  Auckland no need these Tunnels  unless we speed up to make babies.( sorry but I must say, we are also lazy to make babies that why we need migrates)

Riyadh (Saudi  Arabia ) call city of Bridges, where traffic lights are replace with  bridges or tunnels (underground).

Second very importance  is Pedestrians crossing that  another reason to delay the traffic,

 Just  an example, Queen street (downtown) Auckland, Busy pedestrians crossing, twice traffic lights on(green) for pedestrians  and then traffic move, Peak time take 20 minutes from bottom of queen street to reach upper queen  street that where you  need tunnel  to replace traffic lights and Pedestrians crossing through “tunnel Escalator”  or latest ” bridge Escalator” Make Auckland city Beautiful

this  will solve traffic problems in Auckland plus  will bring more tourists and “ HAPPY AUCKLAND”


Many Thanks for Reading.




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