Monopoly &  People rights: “Trademe”   slash and rollover them.

Trademe  Rollover People's Rights " ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" MUST STOP NOW

New Zealand Larger online auctions site trademe rollover people rights and Use 100% Monopoly.Don’t even care what your  lost, trademe don’t even bother to reply  your emails, I personally know some one  Bankrupt because trademe. Trademe was their only resource to sell when trademe disable them.  they have no way to go and trademe  don’t even care their situation .

Small  Business to larger organizations most of them  sell through Trademe, even New Zealand Larger cars auction(Tuners)  sell  through trademe. You name it  will be on  trademe.  Trademe  takeover about 70%  of   New Zealand market. Most of the businesses  involve with  trademe direct or indirect . very easy to sell on trademe, you no need to hire the place run from home, I must want to mention here is good for low income People so they can make some extra money but what happen if trademe disable you without any  good  reason, I see people when trademe disable them, they running around to find the way back on trademe.  they  change the place to get new address and use new email so they can  get new account on trademe Just a big joke . No stability and you cannot trust Trademe when they will close your account.

When you contact trademe  for your Problems,  Trademe staff   look very  immature because of their reply . No Good, so what New Zealand Law say here.Trademe or any organization cannot run over the State Law .Do trademe trained enough their staffs and trademe  polices cover by New Zealand Law, I am not a Lawyer but I am  sure the way trademe  treat their members is against the law and come under  Monopoly . I know trademe asked some one for Passport copy to citifies the  Membership  details ,  trademe is not a legal authority only private organization  and they just provide  renting  Place(site) to sell  your goods and you pay the rent (fee) .

if I rent the shop and landloard not happy what I sell or the  way I sell do landlord   have  rights to through me  out,  Landlord not  allow interfere  in my business, there are many  legal authorities, police, Justice departments ,Ministry of   consumers,  that their job to serve the justice .

 Mr, Morgan  time trademe was running that way, trademe  police was clear we will not interfere in buying and selling matter. trademe was supplying  full trade information so you can contact to  justice department ” dispute”  Now  Tademe take over this.

 So what you do then?

Trademe don’t reply your email, you cannot afford to ring on 0900 call cost you $1.99 plus Gst.  Even you ring you will never get proper reply because look like kids working there.they don’t care what’s going on.

 Small business and home user cannot afford  take trademe to the  court because Cost.  “Justice delayed is justice denied

There is one organization doing very good job: helping People to  complaint  against  Trademe  or any other  Business or organizations all free of charge. If you have problem with trademe, don’t run  away stay where you are  and sort out, even you can claim $200,000 compensation : I will add all the details at the bottom  of this page  about this  Organization. If you have problem with trademe  Please don’t   hesitate  act now, file the complaint againist trademe and get the  justice  or sort out. You have Rights to use trademe  according New Zealand law.

I copy here what often  you  get reply from trademe.

Two of them very popular, I believe trademe do  copy and Paste, that  will take you out from business,

Trademe reply after Disable without warning and I am sure this person only have one account.

“ Thanks for getting back to me about this.

I've had a look into things at my end, and can actually see that you have

several accounts on Trade Me. It appears that all of the others have been

disabled for serious breaches of our terms and conditions.

It is against our Terms and Conditions to open secondary accounts on Trade

Me, and because we've detected these links we have closed your newer account

as well.

I'm very sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news , but you are no

onger able to use Trade Me. We consider the risk to our members to be too

high given your history, and we cannot allow you to open any further accounts.

If you have any future queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to flick

me another email. If, at any time, you'd prefer to chat to someone, you can

do so on 0900 872 33. Just be aware these calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute

but, again, you are most welcome to email for free at any time.

All the best,

Trade Me Support

this is also their common reply:

At the end of the day it's our job to keep the site safe, and this isn't

something we're willing to reconsider. You will not be able to use Trade Me

on this, or any other account.

I realise that this may not be the response you were hoping for, but I hope

that you can understand our standpoint here. If you need to touch base with

us again you can call through on 0900 TRADE (872 33). Please be aware these

calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute, but you are most welcome to email



Trade Me Support

that email   receive  on  09/08/2015:  never get any contact from trademe.

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