New Zealand ‘s call centres or help lines in overseas, are they illegal?


As a economic Student I know Products and services are in same category, it mean

Products or service have same value and result. Many New Zealand companies and

GOVT departments have their call centres or help lines in overseas I believe  they are illegal they should be close down and that  will bring back thousands and thousands jobs  in new Zealand.


About 20 years ago, I was working in jewellery industry that the time when New Zealand manufactures were struggling and working hard to stay in business. Many of them closed down other move overseas because cheaper imports(goods) flood in New Zealand from overseas, local manufacture cannot compare with them.


There was one jewellery Manufacture in Auckland open his manufacturing

Workshop in Thailand but keep his office in  Auckland , what he was doing

Products manufacture in  Thailand  but gave them final touch in  Auckland

Packed in New Zealand  and Products stamped  “Made in New Zealand”

So cheaper Made in New Zealand defiantly attractive to consumers, have good business. Other people in same industry take him to the court.

 After all investigation ,reports and facts   court gave his decision .

 This manufacture was heavily fine and court order him to remove the Stamp on his Products “Made In New Zealand” even you gave them final touch in New Zealand

 Packed in New Zealand, These Products are not actual made in New Zealand  they Made in Thailand.


In New Zealand  Products sell are  in  three categories:


Made in New Zealand


Assemble in New Zealand


Packed In New Zealand


These categories easy to describe their description: Good must be sell in New Zealand in these categories. Jewellery Court decision stamped this law.


  If you study “ Economic “ you know Products and Services come in Same category.

If you not allow sell goods in New Zealand, manufacture overseas with stamp of  “MADE IN NEW ZEALAND”  then I am 100% sure you also not allow sell  services ( call centre or helplines)  from overseas  in New Zealand. Because you selling them Inside  New Zealand with New Zealand products but these services are not  “Made in New Zealand”. I believe these overseas Call centre or helpline are illegal because you selling them with  Made in New Zealand Products or services but these call centre or helpline  “MADE IN OVERSEAS”

These companies have call centre or helpline in oversea when they calculate the price or cost consumers are paying for these helpline or call centre In New Zealand currency and according to New Zealand rates.

      Not only larger organisations have their help line or call centres in overseas, many GOVT Departments also have, I must want to mention here New Zealand GOVT Double Police, One hand  Promise to people for more jobs but action other way around and  open call centre or help line in overseas. Nobody ever have objection.

 Because this matter belong to many GOVT Departments and larger organisations

 GOVT need to make “ Parliamentary Commission” to investigate  this matter.

 This will bring Back Thousands and Thousands jobs  in New Zealand

And other European countries will follow New Zealand too.



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