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Prime Minister John Key's reshuffle has seen the ascension of Paula Bennett to become National's highest ranked woman - up from nine to five on the front bench and into the slot vacated in the resignation of Judith Collins. Ms Bennett loses Social Development - just after she overtook former Labour…
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07.10.2014 From Calling emergency 111 Call 111 and ask for Police when: someone is badly injured or in danger there's a serious risk to life or property a crime is being committed and the offenders are still there or have just left you've come across a major public inconv…
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Australia: Satellite clues to jet mystery elusive PERTH: As planes spent a third day hunting for two large objects spotted by satellite in the southern Indian Ocean, Australian officials on Saturday said they were far from giving up on what remains the strongest lead in the search for Malaysia Airl…
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PERTH, Australia
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     Stephen Hawking says black holes don’t exist                  StephOTTAWA - YN - Black holes are the source of endless fascination and speculation. Do they hold the secrets of the universe and perhaps even the key to time travel?We may never know the answers to those questions because famed the…
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